The Hidden Gems And Why You Will Love Them!

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The Hidden Gems And Why You Will Love Them!

1) The Marketing Entrepreneur Automated System

Most of the viral programs are linked together in one way or another within this unique simple marketing system . We have purposely added these programs to the system because they have added value and are beneficial to the system because they are traffic related or viral. What this means for you is this system will bring you high viral traffic resulting in leads and sales on autopilot 247 as long as you follow this simple guide. This free simple marketing system is designed in away to make your marketing efforts less of an effort by making duplication simple and easy for your team members to follow. While the system does the telling, selling, system set-up instructions and training on complete autopilot. Leaving you to just concentrate on building your business and bringing in new team members, leaving the system to do the duplication for you on complete autopilot!

Note: Membership To The Marketing Entrepreneur System Is Free

The Hidden Gems

Initially John and I were just going to have these programs kept a secret/hidden within the system and let members discover them when they came across them. But the more we thought about it, the more we came to the conclusion that they need to be highlighted and not hidden in the system. You see, the fact is that almost all of these are viral programs in their own way and by connecting them all together in the system makes this extremely viral 24/7!

What’s really cool is that all of these viral programs are linked together in one way or another. We have strategically added them (as we have all the other programs in this system as well), because they all have added value and are very beneficial to the system in one way or another! In other words, this system will generate you massive, viral traffic which will result in leads and sales on auto-pilot 24/7 as long as you follow this guide.

The first two programs I’m going to touch upon are AIOP (All In One Profits) and AdboardZ. Although these are not part of the hidden gems they are completely vital to the system and its very nucleus. They are mandatory to join and upgrade in through your referrer who brought you here. If you don’t have a referrer however, not to worry, we had also come up with a solution, should that be the case. More on that scenario later on. But I also want to reiterate here that this entire system has been strategically set up in order to produce maximum results and AIOP has the most lucrative, residual income based comp plan that we and many others have ever seen!!

Membership: To The Marketing Entrepreneur System: Free

Here is a brief description of all the programs within this system.

1a) Adboardz is a highly effective, viral advertising platform which promotes all of your sites with one link. Your ads will also be shown on the AdboardZ of other member’s boards too. When you share your branded, viral AdboardZ and new members join under you, your ad is then shown on their AdboardZ. This results in providing you with on-going viral advertising that grows exponentially as your down-line grows.

Membership: $20, one time payment for life!

2) AIOP is your all-in-one solution to achieving success which consists of a simple, realistic, and affordable combination of essential online tools, as well as incorporating a highly lucrative and very unique comp plan. Build and learn, while you earn 100% commissions and unlimited residual income for life!

Membership: $11.50/month 

Optional upgrade to pro membership: $21.76/month

3) And Now For The Hidden Gems:

There are a handful of hidden gems once inside, all of which are viral programs in their own right and are all vital to this system. They are all free to join but we highly recommend that you upgrade with them as soon as you can. This system is very meticulously designed and all these viral programs are essential for the system to be working properly 24/7 on complete auto-pilot, generating traffic, leads and building your lists!

Plus, upgrading with these programs will increase your daily income payments too! They are all highly affordable and most require a small, one time payment to upgrade in. However if you can’t afford to upgrade right away, then simply do so when you can afford to. Below is a brief description of these viral programs and the associated costs.

3a) A-Z Adboard has an unbeatable price of zero, zilch, nothing. You get free text ads and your ads displayed on 1,000’s of pages, 20free link cloaker and shortener, free url rotator and more!

Membership: Free

3b) HotLink Cycler is a safelist with a twist! Yes, this is a “safelist,” although there are no email ads involved. It’s great at creating a responsive prospect list and makes your advertising completely safe from spam accusations. And should you choose to upgrade (which is very well worth it) it provides for the opportunity to make lots of money with the Lucrative, Built-in Compensation Plan!

Membership: Free OR $25 one time payment for life!

3c) Ad Viralizer is totally free and provides a large amount of guaranteed visitors which grows exponentially over time. You will get thousands of members promoting your site and visitors have to stay on your page….No Skipping!    

Membership: Free

3d) Cash In On Banners provides you with guaranteed visitors and your banners on thousands of pages worldwide, resulting in viral advertising on steroids! Get unlimited, direct $10 member to member payments if you choose to upgrade in it.

Membership: Free OR one time $10 payment for life!

4) 5iphon Reloaded at first glance, is a lead generation system. However “the magic” happens when you upgrade and take advantage of the products which you receive from doing so. There are a total of four, which are all optional. The price increases with each upgrade as well as the commission’s received as well. When I referred to the upgrades as “magic,” I’ve experienced sales from them with no effort whatsoever on my part, because like our system, they’re all built directly into it!

Membership: Free with 4 optional upgrades

5) MyTrafficCoop is exactly what it says a traffic co-op with a viral twist, newbies and pro’s get 100% autopilot viral traffic in 3 minutes. Excellent new traffic program that will drive tons of traffic to any website 247.

Free membership with Optional Ad Pack Shares for $20 Each

6) Traffic Wave is an autoresponder company which has an affiliate program included with it. It allows for customers the option to have a matrix level position which can result in having your Traffic Wave membership paid through commissions earned from it. In addition to that, you can end up building a very decent residual income from it too! Plus there are no limits concerning the size of your list or how many campaigns you can run with it. Unlike many (if not all) autoresponder companies you can have your list grow to 500,000 people and more for that matter, without it increasing the low cost, monthly payment for the service. 

We will talk more about this program/service later in the training and 5iphon Reloaded and how these two are linked together, thus being the reason we have added Traffic Wave to our system. Plus it provides for additional, lucrative residual income for those who choose to add it to their system.

Membership: 30 Days for free trial then $17.95 per month


7) ORU is a social media platform, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg! It is so multi-faceted that it would be very lengthy to go into details about it here. However, we guarantee this. You will be blown away when you check it out and discover everything this amazing, worldwide platform includes. 

Membership: Free OR $5.95/month 


As mentioned earlier programs 1a and 2 are mandatory to join and upgrade into. You must join these two under the person who referred you to this system and upgrade. Concerning programs 3 to 7 these are all optional, and if you are already a member of any (or all) of these, you would simply add your user names and ID’s into the system. Otherwise you would simply join through your sponsor those which you’re not already a member of and upgrade as soon as you can afford, should you choose to. (Full instructions in the training area).

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