How To Get Started With This Incredible Simple Automated System!

Watch The Video Below First:

Since you have made it to this page then you must really be interested in our system and wanting to join our community of action takers. There is just one more step which you must take to prove that you are truly serious about joining up with us.

This step is not only very simple, but vital since it eliminates the tire kickers, time wasters and others who aren’t genuinely interested in joining our team and system. You see we’re very serious about this system and also very proud of what we’ve put together here for everyone. With this in mind, it’s imperative that you follow the next step to get access to this simple and highly powerful system.

Once you’ve completed this step you will gain complete access to The Marketing Entrepreneur System which includes set up instructions, training and marketing materials! This will enable you to duplicate this very same system to viral traffic, leads, instant cash payments and residual income for life! 

Important Tip: Please be sure to have a notebook at hand so you can write down your usernames and passwords for each program you join so you will have this information to login to your accounts later.

Step 1

The very first step you need to do is go back to your referrers/sponsors Adboardz site. The link will be in the email you received from your referrer. When you open the link in a browser it will look like this below and just click on the sign-up link: Please note that you will need a PayPal account for this step and if you don’t have one you can sign up for one here:

Just scroll to the bottom and fill in your details with a username of your choice in the boxes provided and then click sign-up. After doing so check your email for verification.

Once you’ve created your account log-in to your account, then click the upgrade link on the right as illustrated below. Then simply follow the instructions and upgrade your account to pro.

Step 2

Now you must signup with AIOP – ALL IN ONE PROFITS Under your sponsor.

You will need to go back to your Sponsor’s Adboardz site and you need to click the second banner number 2. as illustrated below:

Then just sign-up for either a basic, or pro account (should you prefer) with AIOP by clicking the join link as illustrated below.

Once you’ve completed these two steps your sponsor will need to verify that you have upgraded in both AIOP and Adboardz. Once your sponsor has verified that you have upgraded he/she will then send you the link for the set-up instructions and the training site. However if you don’t hear anything from your sponsor within 48 hours please contact your sponsor with proof of your upgrades.

That’s It Your Done!

Welcome To The Community Your Now Officially An Action Taker And Part Of The Family and Team!

“Your Sponsor will contact you with further instructions – Look Out For The Welcome Email in Your Mailbox”


If However You Don’t Have A Referrer/Sponsor Do This:

If by any chance you’ve landed on this site randomly and as of a result you do not have a referrer, we have a solution for you. Simply click the banner below for the Team Rotator Link and you’ll be given a random referrer just fill out the capture page. Then you’ll need to return to this page and follow the instructions above.

Click the banner above for a random referrer with The Marketing Entrepreneur System

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