Bit2me Is The Best Alternative To Banking


Attaining financial freedom largely rests on innovative ways of creating wealth. There is no better way of doing this than by buying and selling cryptocurrency. If you are looking for a platform to start making money on, Bit2Me should be on your radar. Based on its features and stellar reviews, it is arguably one of the best alternatives to banking in the world today.


Founded in 2014, Bit2Me is one of the reputed companies in the crypto space. Known for its knowledge and experience in financial technology, the company has revolutionized how exchanging cryptocurrency works. For anyone looking for ways to invest in a lucrative business, using the Bit2Me platform is definitely a good start.

The Team

Headquartered in Spain, Bit2Me comprises over 30 specialists with diverse backgrounds and qualifications, from technology experts to researchers. They also work with financiers, engineers, quantitative traders, and lawyers to bring a seamless exchange experience for their users. The company promotes the DeFi ecosystem which not only promotes transparency in buying and selling cryptocurrency but also involves interaction with a variety of protocols and participation in networks to ensure decentralized lending, provision of adequate liquidity as well as other financial applications. The internal systems developed by Bit2Me are geared towards availing the most effective tools to promote market transparency and fairness while enabling frictionless exchanges.


One of the advantages of exchange on the Bit2Me platform is that it comes with an impressive suite and a wide range of solutions for its users. The company considers its suite a ’360-degree’ platform which is designed to provide solutions for the crypto ecosystem. With 20 products in total, the Bit2mE Suite is by far one of the most comprehensive ones in the market, and the good news is that they are all easily accessible on the company’s website.

The Crypto VISA Card

Users can now request the new and innovative Bit2Me Card, which not only allows you to make payments using multiple cryptocurrencies but you can also do this in numerous store locations worldwide at no cost. The card can be used virtually, but you could also order your plastic version which comes with NFC technology. Authorised by VISA, the long-awaited card is personalised for Bit2Me users and boasts of an exclusive design. The good news is that you can create your new card in a matter of seconds and disable it whenever you feel like.


The products include a wallet that allows users to receive or send cryptocurrencies of their choice. With the wallet, you can also store your cryptocurrency. Users are also able to buy and sell their cryptocurrency using different options, for example, with cash, a card, or by bank transfer.

Swap, Converter and Explorer

Another product in the Bit2Me Suite is the Swap option which enables users to make exchanges between cryptocurrencies easier. With just a click, you could access, buy, and sell a variety of currencies. The Suite also comes with a converter and an explorer. The latter allows you to serge for multiple currencies while the converter provides real-time conversion of prices.

Tikebit Feature

Tikebit and Commerce Features

Users of the Bit2Me platform also find the Tikebit feature useful, as it allows users to buy their cryptocurrencies with cash. For those who own a business and accept payment in cryptocurrency, the Commerce feature is beneficial.


Buying and selling cryptocurrencies in large volumes can be hectic on other exchange platforms. This is easily solved by the Bit2Me OTC option which enables you to take charge of your exchange experience without worrying about going over the limit. The option is especially useful for big exchanges including by investors and hedge funds.


If you would like to exchange Ethereum ERC20 tokens, the Bit2Me DEX platform is your best bet. The seamless platform is not only professionally done, but it is also commission-free and comes with high liquidity capacity.

The Bit2Me App

Last but not least, is the Bit2Me app, which is downloadable on both Apple and Android devices. The free app makes exchanges on any device easier and contains even more features. Some of the useful app features include the buying and selling options, the crypto wallet, charts that help you track prices as well as personal assistance via text, video, and tutorials.

Additional Products

If you are keen on learning more about the Bit2Me platform the Academy, Agenda, TV, and News options could be of great help. With free online training on cryptocurrency and a regularly updated news portal, keeping abreast with market trends and knowing how blockchain works, in general, can help you build your capacity for a better exchange experience.


Getting started on the BIt2Me platform and enjoying its features and many benefits is as easy as creating your account. The registration process is free and only takes a matter of seconds. Next, you will be required to add funds to your account, either through cryptocurrency, cash, card, or bank transfer. Whether you are an individual, developer, institution, company, or other investor, you are welcome to create your portfolio and start exchanging cryptocurrency.

Add Funds With Visa Debit Card, Bank Transfer or Through Cryptocurrency

Once you log into your account, you will have 20 currencies at your disposal, including well-known currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, and Litecoin. These coins can be bought using global cards such as Visa and Mastercard. With Tikebit, you can also buy coins digitally and send it to your wallet.

To use the Bit2Me platform, users have to pay some fees, including transactions and exchange fees. The platform also sets the daily limit on the cryptocurrency you could buy at 20 000 euros. For bank transfers that are not instantaneously effected, there are no transaction fees included.


With 20 products, over 700 000 users in 180-plus countries, and 22 exchange currencies available, Bit2Me is one of the most efficient crypto exchange platforms around. Run on blockchain technology, one of the platform’s main features is its multi-currency function. Searching, buying, selling, receiving, and sending cryptocurrencies is made easy and efficient.

Easy To Use Interface

Easy To Use Interface

All crypto platform users, especially those who are just starting out, appreciate the ease of using a platform. The Bit2Me platform comes with a sleek and user-friendly interface, complete with 24-hour support at all times. The platform is also adapted to different devices, making activities on various devices easy to do.

Customer Support

Whether you are stuck on how to make a purchase, or you need help signing up, the tutorials that come with the platform can help you learn the ropes and have a reference point every time you face challenges in your exchange experience. Their customer care support is also reachable on the phone, email as well as video.

Safety and Security

Security 100%

Another benefit of using the Bit2Me platform is that it is secure thanks to the privacy and security features incorporated into the system. With cold security vaults, users can rest easy, and exchange without fear of losing their currencies or their privacy being compromised by third parties.

Real-time Notifications

If you appreciate effective communication on how you are doing exchange-wise, the real-time notifications feature will impress you. Not only do you receive notifications on all the activity on your dashboard but you also get an auditable history of your past operations.


Using Bit2Me has many advantages and one of the ways you could earn even more money on the platform is by participating in their innovative affiliate program. This is perhaps one of the easiest and most lucrative affiliate marketing programs in the crypto space. All you have to do is invite people to the platform and you earn money from it. For every referral, the new user is given 5 euros and if they make a purchase of 100 euros or more, you earn up to 1000 euros. When newly referred users make purchases and sell currencies on the platform you also earn up to 62.5% commission based on their activity. If their total annual operations amount to 50 000 euros and more, you also win 500 euros.

Bit2Me uses the 3-degrees of connection method, which allows you to have direct affiliates known as “children” and indirect affiliates referred to as grandchildren and grandchildren. The good news is that you earn money for both direct and indirect affiliates for the period during which they use the platform. Furthermore, there is no limit to the number of affiliates you can refer to the program. This is one of the best ways to earn passive income for a long time to come.

To take part in the affiliate program, you have to be a Bit2Me user to create a code and copy the link which you can share with your network. You could create many codes and share the links as widely as possible to increase your profit margins. The platform also allows you to check your benefits and to withdraw them whenever you want. You could withdraw these in various formats, as Bitcoin, or as a transfer to your bank in Euros. Some users also prefer to use their benefits by exchange it on Bit2Me, buying products to sending money or cryptocurrency to their family or friends. All this is made possible through the range of products already available on the Bit2Me Suite.

What next?

Finding an affordable and efficient platform is a priority for anyone who wants to make money buying and selling cryptocurrency. Some of the most important features that users look for include security, fees, number of exchanges, ease of use, and customer support. With Bit2Me, users are guaranteed these and more features. With the Suite, a wide range of products, and the Bit2Me app, you could easily earn money on the platform and attain financial freedom. Signing up for the affiliate program is also another innovative way of earning more income on the platform at no extra cost to you.

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