About TorqueBot Crypto Trading Platform : Features and Benefits.

The digital finance sector is ever-growing as cryptocurrency continues to gain more traction. Many trading platforms are launched by the day, as more people embrace trading as a way of attaining financial freedom. For both beginners and professional traders, a smooth user experience on trading platforms is important, and so are the features that come with it.

TorqueBot For Success

One of the new entrants into the cryptocurrency space is TorqueBot, a Singaporean trading platform that was launched in October 2019. A brainchild of Bernard Ong, a serial entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in matters blockchain, TorqueBot promises its users a trading platform run on sophisticated AI technology and much more. For beginner and seasoned crypto traders looking for safe and efficient ways of investing, the platform could be a game-changer. Here is a review of the platform and why you should consider checking it out.

About TorqueBot

CEO Bernard Ong

TorqueBot is owned by SNAP Innovations, a company incorporated in Singapore. The company and its top management are the faces behind some of the reputed cryptocurrency trading platforms and super wallets. TorqueBot is a wallet that provides trading services, but it has other features outside crypto. The company’s CEO envisions a super wallet that incorporates features such as an Academy that provides resources on how to attain financial success, assets, and more.

Some Key Features

Ai Technology

One of the main features and selling points of the TorqueBot trading platform is that it incorporates AI trading technology developed and maintained by a team of over 60 qualified and experienced coders and researchers. Based in Singapore, this team of experts constantly upgrades the technology and manages the platform’s algorithms. To go with this technology, TorqueBot operates on arbitrage and scalping strategies and is connected to about 15 global exchanges.

How To Invest On The TorqueBot Trading Platform

The first question that comes to mind when selecting a trading platform is whether the return on investment (ROI) is worth it. On TorqueBot, the minimum amount you could invest is BTC (0.02), although members can also invest in ETH (1), LTC (5), USDT (250), BCH (1.2), TRX (10000), and XRP (1000). With your investment, the approximated daily ROI is an average of 0.15% to 0.45%.

Cryptocurrency Converter

Check out the cryptocurrency converter to find out the minimum investment for the cryptocurrency you want to invest in, in your countries currency at : https://coinmarketcap.com/converter (Opens in a new window).

TorqueBot Profits

The good thing about TorqueBot is that they have high liquidity and this makes it easy to pay out profits to members on a regular basis. In fact, profits are made available to members on a daily basis, and they can choose whether to withdraw or compound it. Withdrawals of profits can be made at any time as long as the withdrawal is higher than the withdrawal fee.

TorqueBot not only allows its members to increase their deposit as they wish but it also allows them to withdraw all their principal deposits at any time. All deposit withdrawals come with a 3-day processing time. The good news is that you can withdraw your capital at any time. One thing to note, however, is that members are paid in Torque’s own currency, which means that you have to convert this to the cryptocurrency of your choice.

Benefits Of Trading On TorqueBot

No need for you to get confused with Torquebot it’s simple, newbie friendly and totally automated!

Trading is not easy, especially for amateurs. When you start out on a new platform, you need all the guidance you can get. TorqueBot’s 24/7 web support is ideal for anyone looking for support during their trading experience. Another benefit of trading on TorqueBot is that the company is lauded for being one of the most transparent cryptocurrency industry leaders around. From its accessible CEO to its software managers constantly ensuring that the platform runs smoothly, TorqueBot promises a barrier-free trading experience. Most TorqueBot reviews assess its risk as falling between low and medium, with much potential for growth, and for good reason.

How to get started

Trading on TorqueBot is not as complicated as some crypto trading platforms. The signup process is easy, and it only takes a few steps. You will be asked for your contact details and a password in order to access the trading platform. The system is easy to use once logged in. All the information you need to start trading area in the dashboard. However, if you need assistance on issues such as on how to deposit your preferred cryptocurrency, or withdrawing it, TorqueBot customer support can help you.

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