The ultimate guide on safelists for newbies

Today, advanced technology is taking the world by storm. You don’t want to be left behind, especially in business matters. Maybe you are curious about safe lists and how to use them. What is a reliable list? How do I use a secure file? Those may be the questions lingering your mind at the moment. Well, worry no more. Here’s is everything to need to know about safe lists and how to use them.


First things first, you can’t rush into learning how to use safe lists without knowing what it is and what it entails. Did you know you can send an ad to your co-workers without too much effort? Now, that’s where the whole idea of a safe list comes in. It is an affiliation site set aside to enable you to send email ads to someone else. Using a safe list, you will be able to post ads to the entire associations, and in return, other members in the same safe list can send advertisements to your email too. To enhance the whole process, you have to agree first. Besides, a reliable list involves not only emails ads, but also banners and text ads.


Generally, the number of credits you have obtained in your account is used to determine the number of members you can email because a safe list is a credit centered mailer. However, there are two significant ways in which you can get credits. First, you can purchase credit by merely becoming an advanced member. Second, you can obtain credit by reading and linking it into email ads of other members inside the email. The credit link will automatically add your credits to your safe list.

Moreover, you have to beware because most members usually have free-trial memberships; hence every time they will be visiting your site to obtain credits for their ads. Henceforth, so long as your emails are attractive and catchy, be sure of being guaranteed with traffic. Below are six steps to enhance your understanding of safe lists when joining.


Be ready to receive endless emails from other members when you first join a safe list. That one you can’t escape at any cost. Ensure that you use a random email away from your primary email because countless emails will flood your account in a matter of seconds.

If you are stuck on setting up two accounts, here’s the trick, use Google. It will guide you effectively.

Google emails, commonly known as G-mail, are the most secure and more comfortable to use; hence it is mostly recommended by most safe lists. Moreover, keep in mind that your safe list can be banned once other people’s emails spring back to the emails sent to your account. The main reason most safe records recommends setting up two email account is that one is used as a contact email address while the other one is used for your list emails. Contacts emails are for the admins only while list emails are for other members of the safe list. There are safe lists that don’t focus on setting two email accounts, but to be of the safe side, consider having two of them.


In the future, be sure of joining as many safe lists as possible. Hence, comprehending this stage will be appropriate in your future endeavors. When signing up for an account, mostly, you are required to provide a unique username and passwords; thus brain cannot comprehend 50 or 60 safe lists at my time. You’re are only human, and chances of forgetting are very high.

That’s the reason you need to acquire a RoboForm to enable you to get all the details required for a specific account. RoboForm is usually found in the topmost part of your browser. This will save you a lot of time and energy. Remember, “Time is money.”


After joining the safe list of your choice, most of the time, you are given some codes with bonus containing solo ads and free credits. This that part in your mind since it will be revisited later in the text. Joining a safe list will only require you to have a username, email address, and a password. You can have as many emails, passwords, and usernames to help you set up different accounts. After providing the details, you can now log in without difficulties.

Furthermore, ensure that your RoboForm saves your credentials for storage purposes. Be very keen after login because the safest lists keep bonus codes there, and by staying on their home page for a while, you will be rewarded because it is a sign that you are probably going through their policies and operations. That’s a free hack. Finally, on the site’s menu, go to the promotion tab and key in your bonus code to receive credits.


Nonetheless, before setting up an advertisement, first, consider the significance of the traffic link service you are using. The link tracker plays a vital role in recording all the traffic links which have been clicked hence redirecting the guests to your site. This step is essential because it will enable you to figure out whether your safe list of choice is obtaining your visitors. It will be a waste of time having a safe list where no one is clicking your site. In case you are stranded on where to get a free account, you can use TETTOOLBOX.COM.


Having completed the previous steps, you are now free to set up your ads. A credit mailer found in the safe list will update you about your commercials as well as available mail credits for you. Again, to keep track of your promotion suggestions, make sure you place the right URL on your trafficking linkage.


When you start receiving endless emails from other users, take immediate action by setting up the appropriate filters, you clean all the messages. This step is crucial because it will make your work easier when finding urgent mails and your inbox will never be full. Moreover, Gmail will enable you to set the filters is the easiest way. All you need to do is clicking the unwanted mails them choose the option of taking action. Here the letters will be considered as spam; hence all unwanted reported mails will be redirected to the spam tab directly.

Consequently, following the guidelines to the latter will save you both energy and time. Also, as a novice to safe lists, it is no doubt that you’ll need a go-ahead in getting the best reliable records to begin on as indicated below:

  • Traffic Ad Links
  • European Safelist
  • Solo Ads Traffic
  • Ad Troopers
  • Referral Frenzy

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