What are Safelists and How do they Work?

Safelist is an arrangement where emails are advertised, peddled, and traded online to a group of people close to you. One striking feature of the safelist is that emails ads are exchanged.

Basically, your email is sent to all participants on the list. Equally, every participant on the list also sent their email to you. So, consider it as the exchange of email to enhance your product or affiliate link.

Ideally, numerous safelist is available in the public domain (online). Most of them are not producing the needed result. Nonetheless, some are useful, hence produces results. Some of the few safelist have significant prospect thus surges conversion, sales, and signups daily. Here are a few decent safelist platforms to select from Referral Frenzy; ListBonus; Bweeble; Speedy Traffic Mailer; AdChiever.

Concerns over the use of safelist often ensue. Some of these important concerns include: Do Safelist work? How effective are safelist? What are better safelist available? How can safelist be used? Does any one of the scheduled questions define your concern? If yes, then this guide will let you through. Having described safelist, let’s discuss it more.

How does a safelist work?

To use the safelist, you would have to register to a list. Two active email addresses are needed to successfully signup to a list. AOL, bt, yahoo, virgin amongst others are not used for the list. Note: except for Gmail account, all others are not accepted.

Is it compulsory to use two email accounts?

Yes, two email accounts are needed for safelist. The contact email and the other termed list email. The former being the contact email is where the list reaches out to you for discounts, special offers, and upgrades while the latter is where you receive offers from the other members of the list.

Personal email accounts should not be used. You will be receiving numerous emails within the range of hundredths to a thousand regularly. On the safer side, set up an entirely new account for your safelist operations.

The moment that is done, confirm your list and contact email account to become an active participant of the safelist you just ratified.

What to do after your status becomes Active?

Once you are active on the list, remember each listing has a section for imputing promo codes. You can receive significant credits and bonuses. Impute the codes regularly “new member” to enjoy some free credit. The credit mailer handle has been provided in case you desire to send out information.

Pay attention and follow the guidelines provided on the site. The directives may vary insignificantly from time to time; so it is crucial to pay attention routinely.

Some of the fills on the site include; the SUBJECT for entering the subject of your email. The BODY: The body is an interface where the main text is written — the URL; a conscious link schedule by you to direct readers to click for information.

It’s pretty easy to maneuver the platform. You can now message the other members on the platform. Instructions are adequately detailed on the site to assist you on what to do.

How to receive credits without spending much for upgrades

Once you have sent out your initial email to all members on your list, schedule the time frame for which you will need to send another. The time allowed for sending subsequent emails after the first email differs for various safelists. It may take up to 48hours in some safelist and up to a week in others.

This is a straightforward operation. On your list email, begin to click on the emails sent by other members. Open your email account and navigate to the notice which may be similar to “click here to receive credits for this email.” Wait a required time of 10seconds to receive credits. Moving forward, you can now accumulate your credit up to 100’s and 1000’s for use when next you desire to send out emails to members.

In a nutshell, safelist works in these scheduled mechanisms. Receive credits once you read your emails and send emails concerning your affiliate links and products to other members. As earlier mentioned, most safelist guide you all the way.

Signing up to one safelist could hamper your chances. The duration to send an email after the initial was sent could be long — serious-minded traders’ signup to more than one safelist, receives and take advantage of the free credits accrued to subscriptions.

Why you should use Safelists in marketing

Every safelist has its unique features and selling point. However, scheduled below are the generic benefits enjoyed from the use of safelist.

  • Its Affordable marketing technique: It is an affordable and less costly marketing strategy which connects you to many people at a go than the offline method
  • It’s instant: Your ads are sent out immediately to all members and also receives an immediate response from the target audience.
  • Send email to many people: Thousands of people receive your emails on a click whether it’s a free safelist or a paid one. The chances are that you will get at least a few responses from the many people you sent your emails.
  • You can test your product or service: If there is a place to access the worth of your product, it is on safelists. They are credible platforms to verify and monitor the performance of your ad, before making spending on other advertising options.
  • You can track your ads: Some safelist consolidates ads that receive more traction on the platform. Once identified, such ads can be advertised on other platforms. Note: users scan through online post, so schedule eye catchy headlines to grab attention.
  • Finally, the risk of spamming is reduced on safelist. How to Use Safelists Effectively
  • Identify your target list: Sign up in a list which shares similar objectives like yours. For instance; as an internet marketer, sharing a list with an asset owner isn’t ideal. Streamline your list to your audience for better result.
  • Catchy Headlines surges well: Users often get attached and captured by catchy headlines.
  • Schedule a follow-up technique: Track clients from your ad to your websites — users’ response to your ads after seven seen averagely. Rather than giving up after the initial scan on your ads, allow them an opportunity to sight it some more. It surges the likelihood of sales conversion.
  • Track and Test – Monitor and evaluate your ads periodically to identify which ones surge well. In a month, you will have an idea on which ads performs better
  • Use several safe lists and determine which pulls a good response.

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