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Perhaps, you have never felt overwhelmed by many long links featuring various weird looking parameters. Also, it can be hard to recall a 30-character URL link that you wanted to share on the social media badly. That might result in much pain throughout the day. That is just one of the issues that you can expect in the affiliate marketing world. The other problem relates to tracking the success of an affiliate marketing campaign.

Promotion of content and products might take a lot of time, which means that you should start focusing on the areas that generate more income solely. The SoManyHits.com allows you to track the clicks in addition to shortening the URLs. You will manage to compare the effectiveness of each link and use it to promote the links you are sure that they will provide good results and also save time.

How SoManyHits.com works

In online marketing, you will need three key components to succeed. They include a large mailing list, high-quality traffic and a good way of measuring the results. That is what SoManyHits.com does. Unlike many other similar services (including the paid ones), SoManyHits.com does not limit you on the number of campaigns you can create or the number of clicks you can receive per month before you pay more money for the tracking. That is true including for the free members.

The system has also made it easier for affiliate marketers to track several advertising sources from a single campaign tracking URL. To benefit from the campaign tracking URL, the user just needs to add an identifiable keyword at the end of his/her tracking URL. After following a shortened tracking URL the system records and displays the hits in the user’s back-office along with the origin of every hit.

SoManyHits.com also promises the users a lot of traffic to each of their campaigns and promises to keep it doubling. Even though this might sound outrageous, the service has unique referral services that can make that possible. It is worth repeating that the system is unique. If you are already familiar with their sister website EasyCash4Ads.com, you already know what we are talking about.

SoManyHits.com uses the 2-up referral system the sister website uses. The system passes the first two referrals to your sponsor in a category they call the traffic lines. Each individual who ends up in your traffic line will have to sponsor the other two individuals who will end up in their sponsor. Put differently, the traffic line continues to double.

The interstitial & pop-under ads

At this time, you might be worried about where to get the two individuals to sponsor so that the system can work for you. Do not panic. Signups will come easily considering that the system is free to join and the affiliate tools will help you achieve this one requirement. Still, in the traffic aspect, each time someone follows your tracking links, he/she will have to pass through the ad gateway, which is similar to the ad fly where the visitor will see interstitial ads for several seconds before the system directs him/her to the tracked website.

The ads are random and belong to the sponsor. Considering how the traffic lines double, you should be certain that your traffic also doubles. Keep in mind that after creating a new campaign you will have the option of using your traffic lines to promote them through the pop-under ad or interstitial ad. As a member, you can choose not to promote some adverts.

Interstitial and pop-under ads can be annoying, but the service uses them to target internet marketers. They will be visible to the people signing up for the programs via the traffic exchanges and the traffic will definitely convert.

Exportation of contact details

The SoManyHits.com allows users to export the contact details of individuals in their traffic lines to their CVS files for easier importation to the autoresponder of choice. One of the great things about this feature is that each new member who joins your traffic line will end up in your email list. If you have not been using an autoresponder, you will have to use the internal messaging system after every 10 days – the Pro members are able to message traffic lines for every 60 hours. The members have many banners, emails and other tools to use in the promotion of links – they can also promote affiliate links through the shortened tracking links.

The upgraded features

After upgrading to the Pro membership, the system will provide you with real-time charts and detailed reports for easier analyzing of the tracking stats. The Platinum members can also message their traffic lines every 60 hours, which is better than the 10 days. However, the Pro membership will outshine the free membership when it comes to the income level.

To benefit from the Platinum membership, you will have to pay $27 for the first 60 days or the $13.50 for the first one month. After that, the options will increase to $69 after every 6 months or $11.50 per month. You will have an option of paying $121 for the whole year or $177 for 2 years. After upgrading, you will get $10, $20, $30 or $50 each time someone renews the platinum membership. The free members receive 40 percent of the commission and the 60 percent goes to the upgraded member in the up-line. Therefore, the upgraded members receive 60 percent commission from the qualified members in their traffic lines.

SoManyHits.com also pays out a performance bonus where the member could earn an extra 40 percent commission. The service pays commissions two times in a month and if a member earns $350 in a pay period, they will add an extra $50 bonus. If you earn $1000, they will add you another $250 on what you earned. Earning you an amount that is over$1000 will give you a $400 bonus. Upgraded members get 60 percent second tier commissions from the free members in their traffic lines. You will, therefore, earn another 40 percent commission through your efforts.


  • Unlimited campaigns without any restrictions
  • The upgrade is affordable
  • It is a better way of growing your email list
  • Unique referral system
  • A generous compensation plan
  • It is ideal for the freebie hunters


  • Interstitial and pop-under ads

The bottom line

SoManyHits.com is a great service, which provides a generous compensation plan and promises to grow your website traffic. The developers are already working on features, particularly for the pro members. Even though the free plan might impress you, the upgrade options are affordable. But regardless of the level, you will enjoy good results.

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